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There was a seismic shift in the European punk scene when Californian Mike Sobieski and Norah Findlay selected the Basque phenomenon Kike Turmix as their frontman in 1987. Madrid was the place to be, and with the addition of the British bass player Barnaby Bowles and later Spanish Angel Ramos, The Pleasure Fuckers crafted a singular sound, grabbing punk and doing rock while simultaneously grabbing rock and doing punk. In 1988, Simple Needs was the first of a long succession of singles, EPs, LPs, videos, soundtracks, and documentaries, and the band was known from Helsinki to Peru and Prague to Seattle. Kike left our world in 2005. Dietmar Post, one of The Pleasure Fuckers first fans and now of Play Loud! and Kike’s widow Marga Gaffaro compile Malasa;a Republic, an incredibly cohesive collection of unedited, early and live recordings.

1. Malasaña Republic (Remastered) 00:06
2. Malasaña Mama (Remastered) 02:17
3. Faster And Louder (Remastered) 02:15
4. Snakebite (Remastered) 03:14
5. The Gimp (Remastered) 02:02
6. Supper Star (Remastered) 02:43
7. First Abortion (Remastered) 04:03
8. Parchman Farm (Remastered) 03:15
9. Get Away (Remastered, Live) 03:17
10. Simple Needs (Remastered, Live) 02:11
11. Cocaine Werewolf (Remastered, Live) 03:51
12. Headstew (Remastered, Live) 04:01
13. Nightmare (Remastered, Live) 04:33
14. No More Of My Love (Remastered, Live) 03:49

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