LP BULLET PROOF LOVERS: Shot Through The Heart



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The Bullet Proof Lovers were formed when lead vocalist Kurt Baker and some of his pals were bonding over a shared love for great rock n’ roll music and their new album is bleeding with their stellar influences. .”Shot Through The Heart” is an electric throwback to a time when it wasn’t a sin to make fun music for people to play really loud. Whether it’s their Cheap Trick influenced rock n’ roll jammer “It’ll Be Alright”, the thundering arena pop of (“She’s Gonna Leave”, or a vintage Kurt Baker power ballad like “Breaking Down”, the songs are great and the hooks are god-like. And so are those killer guitar solos! The song title “Never Too Loud” pretty much says it all and that closing cover of Shrapnel’s “Master Of My Destiny” totally rips. Nice packaging on this one with heavy 180 gram vinyl and a thick printed inner sleeve.

Limited Editon Blue Vinyl

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