LP ZEKE: Live Tracks Uncensored

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This LP shows Zeke live … raw, wild, untamed and uncensored. If you’ve seen Zeke before, you know that these guys can be a total beast on stage. This LP offers a bunch of killer live recordings to make it sound like the band is playing in your kitchen: loud, fast and furious. You know that Zeke are the real purveyors of speed rock and roll and that can’t be better heard than here. The LP includes some of their their best songs including tracks from ‘Super Sound Racing’, ‘Flat Tracker’, ‘Kicked in the Teeth’, ‘Dirty Sanchez’ and ‘Death Alley’ recorded in different venues from Seattle to Las Vegas to Minneapolis. One of the other special treats this LP offers is it includes two very rare studio tracks that are pretty hard to find. 26 tracks in all with top notch production.

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