LP The HUMPERS: Journey To The Center Of Your Wallet

Journey To The Center Of Your Wallet by The HUMPERS

Release Date: June 21st
“Journey to the Centre of Your Wallet” was originally released in 1994 only on CD, now it´s remastered with new and incredibly artwork by Mario Riviere, and of course, it has bonus tracks too. This is a co-release with the friend labels Ghost Highway and Beat Generation.

1. This Measly Dimension (2024 Remastered)
2. Freak Magnet (2024 Remastered)
3. You Give Good Headache (2024 Remastered)
4. (I´m) Watching You (2024 Remastered)
5. Space Station Love (2024 Remastered)
6. Bombs Away (2024 Remastered)
7. Dope On A Rope (2024 Remastered)
8. Run, Run Rudolf (2024 Remastered)
9. Dead Last (2024 Remastered)
10. Blow (2024 Remastered)
11. Do The Wrong Thing (2024 Remastered)
12. Crank Call (2024 Remastered)
13. Up Yer Heart (2024 Remastered)
14. Motorhead (2024 Remastered)
15. California Sun (2024 Remastered)
16. What Love Is (Live)

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Despite being based out of Long Beach, California, they recorded their first EP, My Machine, for a Yugoslav Zagreb based independent label, Zdenko Franjić’s Slušaj Najglasnije (Listen Loudest). The Made in Yugoslavia printed on the record sleeve was first interpreted as a joke, and then as indication that the band is very popular in Yugoslavia, even though the members haven’t even been to the country yet.[1] They released two full-lengths for Sympathy for the Record Industry which were highly praised and three for Caroline/Epitaph. THE HUMPERS, along with label mates THE LAZY COWGIRLS, THE RED AUNTS, TRASH CAN SCHOOL and CLAWHAMMER, were part of a «garage rock renaissance» which hit Los Angeles in the early 1990s. Rabid fans and packed, rock-friendly clubs such as Raji’s in Hollywood and Bogart’s in Long Beach helped lay the foundation for their success. Most of their appeal lay in the driving sonic force of guitarist Jeff Fieldhouse as well as the blistering vocals of Drake. After signing to Epitaph in 1995, THE HUMPERS went on to tour extensively in the US and Europe, garnering a large international following. Scott «Deluxe» Drake, along with Jeff Fieldhouse have founded a new band THE LOVESORES, in Portland, OR (USA)

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