LP VV.AA. The Songs That DEMOLITION 23 Taught Us

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VV.AA. The Songs DEMOLITION 23 Taught Us

1.- Eduardo Martinez & The Thunderclouds: Nothin’s Alright
2.- The Chuck Norris Experiment: Hammersmith Palais
3.- Sons of Cobra: The scum lives On
4.- Scumbag Millionaire: Dysfunctional
5.- Electric Frankenstein: Ain’t nothing to do (Dead Boys)

6.- Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs: I wanna be loved (Johnny Thunders)
7.- Empire Strikes: You crucified me
8.- Black Bullet: Same Shit Different Day
9.- Nuevo Catecismo Católico: Endangered Species (UK Subs)
10.- The Diesel Dogs: Deadtime stories


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