LP The GASÖLINES: Cannonball Run


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Do you love:
1950s rock’n’roll and rockabilly?
1960s garage rock and early punk?
1970s rock, punk and heavy metal?
1980s speed, thrash and metal?
1990s rediscovery of all this?

Of course you do.

The Gasölines is a celebration of all this and put into 2020s. This is music from a time when rock and roll was all about rythm, blues, fun and rebellion against society. When the music gave the young generation their own special identity and voice, opposed to the conservative and mundane life of their parents.

In this day and age we are surrounded everywhere by voices who tell us what not to do, not to eat, not to drink, not to drive, not to look like. One of the few things the moralists of today applaud and allow you to do is ride a bicycle. Which is cool enough if you are lucky to own vintage a DBS Apache or a DBS Tomahawk.

Break the rules. Explore new ideas. Break away from the routine. Seek out differences of opinion. Ask questions. Kick back. Wide open throttle. Long live rock and roll.

This is why you need The Gasölines. High octane rock.

PS! The intro «Gumball Out Run» is available in physical formats only.

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