7″ The DARTS: Love Tsunami EP


8,00 IVA Inc.

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A1 – Love Tsunami

A2 – Shit Show

B1 – Underground



Garage-punk-rock grrls will make your head slam and your feet shake. And then there’s the music. THE DARTS formed in 2016 with the goal of making great all-girl garage-rock noise, see the world, and have a fab slumber party every night. We threw on some vintage black slips, threw off our shoes, and set out on the ad-venture. «Love Tsunami» is their new 7″ with 3 tracks of pure exciting garage-punk. Cramps’ spooky punk and Stooges raw chaos, by a quartet of garage goddesses, said Jello Biafra. “The Darts smolder and shine like a serpent at the end of a rainbow.” – Blag Dahlia, The Dwarves.


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Dimensiones 21 × 21 × 2 cm