7″ LOST ACAPULCO: … Y Su Tormenta Monstruo-mental (Colección Instromundial EP)


10,0019,00 IVA Inc.

7″ – track EP (Colección Instromundial)

Side A: Relampagore / Phantom Tide
Side B: Cranky Kong / Maremoto Shake

Limited edition numbered 300 copies (150 black + 150 red)


Since 1998, Mexican band Lost Acapulco have continuously released interesting surf music. Their earliest releases showed an obvious punk bent, but this EP release is decidedly in the trad spectrum. Lost Acapulco has frequently worked with Daddy O’Grande over the years, and here they show melodic and stylistic Los Straitjackets influences. Relampagore has an aggressive tempo with a simple melody riff over foreboding tremolo chord rakes. There’s a great chordal bridge, you don’t hear enough bridges in surf music. Phantom Tide is in the LSJ mold, again with the great raked tremolo chords. After another great bridge, The riff comes around for a third time, and I really wanted to hear more of it. Cranky Kong is super trad, with a damped surf riff on the left side, and fuzz on the left, the lead straight up the middle. At three minutes, Maremoto Shake, is a mini epic, with its unexpected fuzz rock solo coming out of a trad, verging on low-fi bed (think Midnight Run) vein.

Ferenc Dobronyi (guitarist of Pollo Del Mar and Frankie & The Pool Boys)



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