7″ KRONTJONG DEVILS: Tocan Surf Super Seco (Colección Instromundial EP)

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7″ – 4 track EP – Colección Instromundial

Side A: Botas (Boots) / Winnetou
Side B: Gansos Salvajes (Wilde Ganzen) / Zorongo Gitano


Limited edition numbered 300 copies (150 black + 150 yellow)


The long running Krontjong Devils release a tight and fun four song vinyl EP, showing a wide range of styles. They have always had an aggressive disregard for rules, and at this point, need only to,live up to their own level of excellence. Boots is face slapping fuzz grind from the get go, over a simple I-IV-V progression. With honky took piano and tambourine pushing the 16th notes mixed up front, this is a primal, strip club grinder. Wilde Ganzen changes gears completely to spacey, not quite Jokers era Joe Meek, with tone wheel organ pads throughout. Zorongo Gitano has a crunchy-crunchy rhythm with syncopations that recall the North African rhythms and harmonic movements of the Treble Spankers. Winnetou is spicy and sultry slow tango. Lots of intense variety in these four songs, that show many different sides . Get this vinyl soon, it’s already sold out on their website.

Ferenc Dobronyi (guitarist of Pollo Del Mar and Frankie & The Pool Boys)


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Dimensions 22 × 22 × 2 cm
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Black, Yellow, 2 Pack: black + yellow