LP The DELINQUENTS: Too Late, Too Little, Too Loose



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“This is a chord, this is another, this is a third. Now form a band”… and maybe call it THE DELINQUENTS… New band from Italy with ex members of mighty 77 punk bands such as IDOL LIPS. They have played with acts like glam punk favorites MAD ROLLERS, THE INNOCENTS, NO SPOILER or BLANKi. Also have participated in an italian tribute to JOHNNY THUNDER AND THE HEARTBREAKERS. Classic 77 punk is what you are going to find on the next to come first LP on TTC Records in 2022

Tony Volume- vocals, guitar
Adrian Ics – vocals, bass
Dom Stiletto – vocals, drums

Debut LP of this Italian band with pedigree. With members of Idol Lips and Razor Lips, The delinquents nail 11 punk rock songs that drink from classics like The Ramones, The Damned, The Sex Pistols, Johnny Thunders or The Clash, with some brushstrokes that can also remind more modern classics like Turbonegro.

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Dimensiones 33 × 33 × 3 cm