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Founded as a trio in 2015, featuring former Sullens members Pinha (Guitar and Vocals), Elso (Drums), and Carla (Organ), The Brooms later added Jorge (Guitar) and João (Bass), embarking on a musical journey driven by their collective love for 60s Garage sounds, particularly anchored by the iconic Vox Continental organ. This collaboration gave rise to a unique repertoire that set them apart.

Hailing from the rock’n’roll hub of Barreiro city, The Brooms bring forth classic neo-garage vibes enriched with fuzz-driven guitars and the distinctive Vox Continental-driven sound that defines their identity. Rooted in the Portuguese rock scene through associations with renowned bands such as The Act-Ups, Lulu Blind, Sullens, Gasoline, and more, their sonic character is deeply ingrained.

Their highly anticipated third album, titled “Freakin’ Out,” is scheduled for release in March 2024 under Chaputa! Records. Comprising 12 new songs recorded in March 2020 at Ponto Zurca Estúdios in Almada, Portugal, the album underwent meticulous overdubs by Miguel Lima at Estrela d’Alcântara in Lisbon and Quiquinho Estúdios in Barreiro. The final mixing and mastering, completed in July 2023, were skillfully conducted by Max RB at Hollers Analog Studios in Malaga, Spain. Noteworthy is the contribution of Fast Eddie Nelson on guitars for tracks “Don’t You Tell Me” and “Old Man.”

The Brooms have garnered critical acclaim, with their debut LP, released on Chaputa and Groovie Records, completely selling out. Previous releases include a 2019 7″ on Chaputa and a 2022 7″ split release, also on Chaputa!, with DEMOCRASH. In this split, both bands showcase their prowess by covering Hawkwind classics.

As The Brooms extend their invitation, anticipate a freakin’ experience infused with fuzz-driven guitars and Vox Continental magic, immersing yourself in the captivating soundscapes of “Freakin’ Out.”

The artwork for the LP is credited to Andy “Sinboy” Luke.

Available on Black or Yellow with Red Splatters vinyl.

The Brooms lineup:

Carla: Vox Continental and Backing Vocals
João Correia: Bass
Elso: Drums, Tambourines, Shakers, Theremin, and Backing Vocals
Jorge Nunes: Guitars
Pinha: Voice, Guitar, and Backing Vocals

Side A:

Don’t You Tell Me
Fast City
Garagem Arábica
Old Man
Side B:

Clouds of Dust
Just Can’t Love You
Missing Stone
Clean My Head

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