LP BRAT FARRAR: Singles 2010-2020


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LP compilation of all the HARD TO FIND singles that BRAT FARRAR have released from 2010 to 2020. For those who still don´t know this great Aussie band, they are fronted by Sam Agostino, known for other garage punk projects like DIGGER AND THE PUSSYCATS among others and these tunes sound «like they were recorded in 1979 over a cassette version of the first WIPERS record “ by their own words.

A Side
1.It´s On Me 02:16
2.I´m Not Free 03:27
3.Paris To Kabul 03:29
4.Should ´ve Walked Away 02:19
5.I Saw The Light 03:13
6.Let´s Go Out Again 02:54

B Side
7.Burn Everything Down 01:46
8.Being With You 01:29
9.Let It Go 01:38
10.Feel This Way 03:29
11.Nearly Always On My Mind 02:42
12.Come On Back 02:53
13.Always You 02:30

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