7″ The GENTS: Responsible Dog Walker EP


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“a really bitchin’ new 5 song release. Super noisey, super cool” – Clean Nice Quiet

Recorded by Yannig Malry
Mastered by Will Killingsworth
Artwork by Leslie Boulton

Listen to The Gents – gents.bandcamp.com


Fun stuff here out of Germany—melodic garage punk with an Oi! twist. Reminds me a little bit of early SNUFF mixed with BLITZ. Very catchy hooks. Each song sounds slightly different than the last, and it leads to a very compelling EP. The dual vocals really help keep everything fresh and they create a great dynamic. These guys apparently have day jobs as elementary school teachers and practice each night in the school’s music room. Nothing more rock’n’roll than that. Well worth a spin. Very tight and energetic. / Jake Joyce (Maximun RnR)

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